my name is Mrudul and this is my CV

About Me

My name is Mrudul Tarwatkar. I currently lead the tech at 99minds, and I'm currently involved in projects with Ruby On Rails/React.

I love solving problems in all their forms. Setting up servers, defining architectures, coding a usable front-end to name a few.

I started as a front-end developer. Then I discovered Ruby, and I have been working on Web Development ever since :)

I mostly code in Ruby on Rails, but I've worked on Python too. I'm looking forward to try my hands at Node and Golang.

I'm a startup enthusiast. I've been working with a couple of them and currently working on my own. I've also helped few startups build their MVPs.

When I'm not tinkering with computers, I'm usually watching a movie or a TV-Show or seldom reading a book.


tradol.in - Peer-to-Peer campus trading website

A successfully failed startup, tradol.in aimed to provide a one-stop-shop for every executable trade (monetary/non-monetary) in the campus. To enable healthy interactions of students across domains. To provide college students a valuable and unique source for products, services and information.... Read more

Sehgal Foundation - Outbound call system (VoIP)

Developed a call outbound system under NABARD project for sending information related to government schemes to rural people as pre-recorded voice messages in vernacular language.... Read more

CISC - Tollfree helpline service

Designed, Developed and operationalized a Tollfree helpline for Sehgal Foundation as part of their good rural governance initiative where village people can get their voices heard and queries answered... Read more

AKRSP - Cloud Based MIS application

Designed and developed a cloud based MIS application for managing data needs of AKRSP interventions in Southern Gujarat... Read more

Edulever - Analytics tool for PCAT

Edulever is based on the responses generated from PCAT (a survey created for college students). It generates charts, analytics, reports of responses recorded from PCAT ... Read more

The Insider - Newsletter and Alumni Network for College

Made college’s own social network, observing the fact that everyone needs a single place to talk & blog. It servers as a tool for better engagement and interaction within the college ... Read more


Frameworks : Ruby on Rails, Rspec, Scrapy
Frontend : ReactJs, ERB, HAML, JBuilder, Bootstrap, AngularJS (learning)
Languages : C, Ruby, Python, JavaScript
Datastores : MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Memcached, Redis, ElasticSearch
Cloud Services : Amazon EC2, ELB, RDS, EB, Heroku, DigitalOcean
Dev Ops : K8, Docker, Capistrano, Sidekiq
VCS : git
OS : OS X, Ubuntu, Fedora
Interests : GoLang, Node


2019 - Present
99minds platform enables you to create coupons, gift cards, discounts, send out referrals, build loyalty programs for your customers or clients.
The best part about 99minds is that it's an easy-to-use, plug-&-play, cost-effective marketing platform that empowers a marketing team to create personalized promotions campaigns & build an omnichannel customer experience.
2016 - Present
DOBOZ is a retention marketing platform. We are a SaaS-based platform and we sell to online businesses & Corporate. Our mantra growth is good.. but retention is forever.
We offer:
Retention Platform: Loyalty Management, Referral Program & Analytics
Reward Platform: Gift Cards, Promo Codes, Coupons & Wallet to store them.
May - July 2015
Full Stack Developer (Summer Intern)
Kite Ping is a platform where you can connect with mentors in your professional field. Mentors are graduate students or working professionals affiliated to organizations in the United States.
As a full stack developer, my responsibilities include coding a workable backend, designing UI for the website and testing the code written.
Tools and Libraries: ROR, Rspec, Capistrano, Devise, etc
2013 - 2017
Technical Lead
I’ve been with Dhwani since it’s inception. Dhwani helps development sector organizations to connect communities that are often hampered in the area of communications by providing ICT solutions.
Responsibilities include setting up and managing servers (Digitalocean), deploying applications, database management and their backups and integrating with service providers/API’s like Voicetree , Exotel, Google Maps API, etc
2013 - 2014
Backend Developer
With GeniusHive I've mostly worked with Python and Scrapy on an online social feed monitoring & engagement platform. My responsibilities include writing crawlers, scraping websites & curating the data generated for further use in the web application and API's.
(formerly oDesk)
2013 - Present
Here I've been working for other people, helping them realize their business ideas.


Movies & TV-Shows